How to Earn & Get More Unlimited Free Gems on Cooking Fever For Android

How to Earn & Get More Unlimited Free Gems on Cooking Fever For Android

How to earn and get more free gems on cooking fever for android devices just got easier! But the question remains; how do you get unlimited gems in cooking fever game? keep reading to the end to discover the answers. Also, you should know that all the strategies that will be discussed are deployable on Android devices.

About Cooking Fever Resources

How to Earn and Get More Free Gems in Cooking Fever For AndroidBefore going any further, its imperative to explore the benefits of gems in cooking fever game (that’s if there is any). Why would anyone want to be subjected to the stress of earning resources in cooking fever? Trust there are plenty of benefits. Be patient, you will get to learn about the benefits in a short time.

Remember that in the game, you are tasked with serving customers. One of your goals in serving customers is not to let any customer go unserved. To achieve such goal, you need to have food ready ahead before demands start coming in. That way, customers won’t have to wait for long before being served.

Secret Behind Upgrading Your Cooking Utensils

Aside from preparing food in advance, there is still something else you can do to solve unserved customers challenges. That one thing is upgrading your appliances. For instance, when starting out with the game, you are given one set of everything. As you earn money, you can conveniently upgrade the basic and essential cooking utensils.

Start with utensils used more than other utensils to serve customers’ needs. Coffee is smoothing that’s always in high demand. Remember you were given only one coffee dispenser. So, you can upgrade to two or three coffee makers. That way, you will always three cups of coffee in advance ready for customers.

Burgers and hot dogs are another set of food that’s always demanded in high volume. So, how do you prepare them in high demand without them getting spoilt? Well, the answer lies in owing more than one food warmers.

For those that are clueless about what a food warmer is, the next few lines are for you. A food warmer is an equipment designed to keep your food warm and in good condition for future consumption. It saves you the stress of warming your food before consumption by keeping it hot.

Now that you know what a food warmer is and its importance, its time to go get more food warmers. With more food warmers, you can afford to cook more and preserve them for your customers in advance.

The Importance of Gems

In the previous paragraphs, you learned about the different ways you can make your dinner more successful. Also, you learned how to make dinner customers happies, satisfied and delighted. In this section, we will go will expand on what you learned earlier.

We talked about upgrading your cooking utensils. However, we did not mention the hot-to. So, allow us to educate you on how to successfully upgrade your utensils including what it would take.

Upgrading your cooking fever utensils requires coins and gems. While the coins are easily acquired, the same cannot be said about gems. Gems are hard to come by as such must be used judiciously. Only spend your gems on those cooking utensil upgrades that are important and essential to serving your customers better.

How to Earn & Get More Free Gems on Cooking Fever for Android Devices

In the previous paragraphs, you were introduced to cooking fever gems and it’s importance. In this section, we take it a step further. You will learn how to earn and get more free gems in cooking fever for android devices.

Free Cooking Fever Unlimited Gems Cheats

Is there really any real cooking fever gems cheats out there? Honestly, there may not be any out there! In fact, you don’t even need any free cooking fever gems cheats. However, you may need the latest cooking fever hack to up your game score. For issues regarding free gems, you only need to some strategies.

How Do You Get Free Gems in Cooking Fever Game?

How do you get free gems in cooking fever Android game? That’s one question I have been asked countless times. Contrary to popular belief, the answer is simple and straightforward. There are simple tasks you can perform on your phone. The completion of each task entitles you to a free gem. So, what are these tasks? Listed and discussed below are few of the tasks that will get you started earning some free gems.

Tasks Completion Method

cooking fever gems

Link Your Game Account to Facebook: easy and simple! Most people are not aware about the benefits that comes when your game account is linked to your Facebook Account. To receive your first gem freely, simply link your cooking fever game profile your Facebook account. Ones it is linked successfully, your game profile will automatically be credited with one free gem.

Like the Game’s Facebook Page: getting free resources doesn’t stop at mere linking your Facebook account. You can still score one more gem freely by simply liking the cooking fever Facebook page. it simple, easy and straightforward. Nothing complicated! Simply navigate to the cooking fever Facebook page here. Once there, locate the ‘like’ button and click on it. That’s all! And one free gem will be added to your game profile.

Twitter Follow: how does getting two free gems from twitter follow sound? Super cool right? Well, here is your chance to get another extra two gems without breaking a sweat. Simply locate the cooking fever twitter page and click the ‘follow’ button. That’s it! You are all done.

Invite Your Facebook Friends: we have reserved the best for the last! There are five free gems up for a grab. It’s up for a grab by completing a very simple task. Simply invite your Facebook friends to try out Cooking Fever. Once you are done, you will score extra five free cooking fever gems to your game profile.

How to Earn & Get More Free Gems on Cooking Fever for Android Devices (Bonus Method)

Still hunting for more gems? We have got good news. By simply playing the game for 7 straight days gives you a shot at two more cooking fever gems. So, go ahead and play the game for 7 straight days without missing a day and you could just for yourself two free gems.

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